Meditation Services

Meditation Services provided by wellbeing2u Australia

What is meditation

Meditation is a form of Mindfulness as it encourages us to bring our attention to the present moment. Through a set of techniques that can be practiced to help encourage a heightened state of awareness, focus, and attention.

Why is meditation important for organisations?

Meditation is important for organisations because it assists staff to increase their mental clarity and improve personal productivity.

Benefits of corporate meditation

  • Improves mental clarity
  • Decreases stress
  • Encourages self awareness
  • Improves team performance
  • Reduces anxiety

Meditation Sessions

Our experienced corporate Meditation facilitators will show you how to meditate, what to expect, and take you through some easy meditations you can do in the office to leave you feeling rejuvenated, reconnected and more able to focus on tasks.

Sessions can be arranged onsite (min. of 30 minutes up to 1hour)


"Looking forward to practicing meditation and not feeling guilty for having a wandering mind."
"I don't know how she gets inside my head and turns my thoughts off."
"I have a better understanding and now realise there is no way you can go wrong with meditation."