Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

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Supporting Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in The Workplace

After many years working in the wellness industry to support businesses, the major theme encountered is that they are seeking practical tools to share with their staff to reduce stress and anxiety.   

Most corporate health and wellbeing programs tend to focus on our physical health, yet there is not so much available to facilitate our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

 It is now more widely accepted in Medical science that the mind has an impact on disease and physical as well as mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  We can no longer afford to ignore this connection, it’s time to focus on the mind.

Wellbeing2U is delighted to be welcoming Ajay from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India to our team to offer a range of online workshops for you and your team.  

Ajay is a psychologist, a chartered accountant, and a yoga teacher.  He has many years working as an organizational development consultant where his work includes designing and facilitating workshops in the area of health and wellbeing and I am excited that we are collaborating together to offer some amazing workshops online on a range of topics including:-

Mind management

Celebrating change

Managing Stress

Practicing Mindfulness 

Daily meditation

Emotional wellbeing

We can also tailor workshops to suit your specific needs in terms of duration, for example we can do 45mins 1.5 hours or half-day.  

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