Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

With nearly 20 years experience in corporate health and fitness, Wellbeing2u loves working with small to medium size (20 – 500 employees) organisations who truly value their employees and are seeking ways to develop a culture of workplace wellbeing.

We believe the workplace can be a force for positive change, supporting people to live their lives well; and in turn doing better business.

An organisation is nothing without its people. There is much evidence to suggest that healthy people perform better, achieve better results, work better together and adapt better to change. The success and wellbeing of the staff and the business go hand in hand. Organisations that understand and act on this will continue to adapt, innovate and outperform those that don’t.
Work doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We live in a time of, and are constantly affected by, huge political, environmental and economic uncertainty – VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The external pressures we are under are huge. In such times, collective capacity is enhanced by anything that builds psychological safety. Feeling that your boss is interested in you as a person, and may even like you, that you belong, that your role has value and meaning in the whole picture, are factors primary to our thriving and by extension the success of the business.

As part of our comprehensive consultancy service we collaborate with organisations to develop a health and wellbeing program that enhances a culture of wellness and supports both individuals and the organisation to thrive.

Often the most challenging thing about implementing a health and wellbeing program at work, can be knowing where and how to start. That’s where we come in. We guide you through a simple 5 step process:-

  1. Assist you to get started by identifying needs and establishing program responsibilities
  2. Develop goals and objectives
  3. Identify program activities and develop an action plan and budget
  4. Guidelines around how to promote your program and manage your program
  5. How to evaluate your program

We can further assist with the service delivery for your 6-12 month health and wellbeing month programs as requested.