Massage Services

Massage Services provided by wellbeing2u Australia

What is massage?

Massage therapy can be defined as the manual manipulation of the soft body tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.

Why is massage important for organisations?

Workplace massage is important for your organisation because it allows your staff to reduce stress and tension in their bodies, relax their muscles and subsequently increase mental clarity and productivity.

On site chair massage can be done at the desk for as little as 5 minutes, which also makes it a very cost effective health promotion that can be offered to all staff no matter how large the organisation is.

For onsite massage services at events and conferences please visit our sister company Massage2u.

The benefits of onsite massage at work

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces muscular aches and pains
  • Increases range of motion
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Relieves headaches
  • Creates excitement amongst staff
  • Increases productivity

Onsite Corporate Massage Services

We offer 4 different types of mobile office massage services:

  • Roaming Massage with ergonomic advice
  • Roaming Massage
  • Seated Massage
  • Table Massage

Roaming Mobile Office Massages with Ergonomic Advice

This service involves a on site massage at your employee’s workstation accompanied by a short ergonomic assessment and personally tailored advice.

The massage with ergonomic advice is only available with our roaming massage service. It is the most effective way to encourage your employees to make their own ergonomic judgments and assessments. Our advice will empower them to become more aware of how their bodies work when they are seated at a desk.

The reason it is only offered with the roaming service is that when we turn up to someone’s desk and we provide them with a short neck and shoulder massage we are able to immediately assess what is going on with their ergonomic setup. Combining this visual assessment with the massage when we can also feel which muscles are tight and if there is any restriction in movement.

From this assessment, we are able to show the person the exact movements that are causing their muscular discomfort and pain. We can then make suggestions about small changes they can make to adjust their setup, reduce their pain, and create a more comfortable working environment.

Ultimately this will have lasting long term effects which will reduce their risk of repetitive strain injury and need for time off from work to visit a physiotherapist or remedial massage therapist.

In general, an Occupational Therapist will charge $400 for a full ergonomic assessment for one person. What we offer is an excellent alternative at a fraction of the cost. Our service takes just 10 minutes and costs around $15 making it great value for money.

This service will provide an immediate, cost-effective solution with a long term benefit.

Roaming Massage

This is the most popular service for large organisations as it allows us to provide a benefit to a lot of people. Our therapists will roam through the office and offer a short neck and shoulder massage at the desk for as little as 3 minutes, up to 10 minutes per person.

Seated Massage

This is where our therapists bring in the massage chairs (specifically designed to support the body) and provide a back, neck and shoulder massage for either 10, 15 or 20 minutes. For this service staff remain fully clothed or we offer the use of a body lotion with active ingredients to reduce stress (not compulsory) as well as the use of alpha music to calm the mind.

Table Massage

This is our executive service as we bring in the massage table, set up in a room within your office and provide a tailored massage for either 30, 45 or one hour massages. We only use 100% quality products and offer the use of alpha music to further enhance the relaxation process.


“My job is computer and phone based, with very little movement from a seated position. I find that my shoulders and neck become extremely tight in the course of a week, especially my right hand side. In my first ten minute session with Massage2U, as well as a remedial massage, I was given a short exercise to perform several times daily to stretch my shoulders out. The suggested stretch has really helped, meaning no more acupuncture and more comfortable sleep. Massage2U provide extremely good advice on how to stretch affected muscles to prevent future problems; their massages greatly reduce the physical impact of working in the same position for prolonged periods of time.”
“Organised as part of our states “Wellness program”, the corporate massage sessions by Massage2u proved to be the most positively talked about and remembered component of the program. Being a new experience to our team they were surprised at how relaxed and stress free they felt after a massage. They went back to work with a new lease on life!"
“KPMG engaged Massage2U to deliver our national corporate massage. The professional service delivered has been instrumental in contributing to a reduction in our workplace injuries. In addition the feedback received from our staff about the program has been very positive particularly in reducing fatigue and muscular aches and re energising staff.”