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Announcing Our New Services

Wellbeing2u is delighted to offer a series of practical, interactive and fun online workshops designed to support and enhance mental health. 

Happy Employees, Increased Productivity, & Reduced Absenteeism

Supporting organisations to develop a culture of wellness since 2004.

“KPMG engaged Massage2U to deliver our national corporate massage. The professional service delivered has been instrumental in contributing to a reduction in our workplace injuries. In addition the feedback received from our staff about the program has been very positive particularly in reducing fatigue and muscular aches and re energising staff.”
Danni Hocking

Our Services

Wellbeing2u is a Workplace Wellness Company that provides a range of products and services, including corporate massage, that will assist organisations to improve their workplace culture.

Our primary focus is to empower your staff with a greater understanding of their health and wellbeing. To do this we deliver the most effective and practical tools that will allow staff to feel less stressed, more engaged, and of course more productive at work.

Our Clients Include:

How We Improve Workplace Culture

The health of a company does not only rely heavily on the health of its people, but also a mix of policies, procedures, programs, services, and a corporate culture that supports healthy workplaces.

The ability to recruit and retain valuable staff is also dependent on a company’s ability to build awareness about workplace health. In the bid to recruit and retain the best people to their workforce, companies see investments in employee health and wellbeing as a strong effort towards attaining this goal.

Concurrently, these companies are also realising that a healthy, committed workforce is the foundation for business success.

“Evidence shows the average Australian worker has around 4 health risks, almost one third have 5. The impact on workforce productivity is significant…..This means one third of the working population is performing nearly 20% below capacity.”
[Dr John Lang – President of Health and Productivity Institute of Australia 2010]

Our team of health practitioners and workplace wellness ambassadors will assist you to design a 12 month workplace wellness program that will include providing corporate massage to have your staff feeling happy, optimistic, motivated, inspired and ready to give their best performance all day everyday.



Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing2u is delighted to offer a series of practical, interactive and fun online workshops designed to support and enhance mental health.